War Bonds in the Spokesman Review

Woke up to this nice write up in the Spokesman Review newspaper. There would be no War Bonds if a Spokesman Review editor hadn’t assigned me to the “Love Story” beat many years ago.

Plenty of World War II-era books cover history, yet little ink captures the love stories behind the greatest generation.

Young couples facing wartime trials forged relationships as seeds to 60- and 70-year marriages. Now, Cindy Hval’s first book “War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation” describes 36 couples and their romances in the shadow of WWII. Casemate Publishers is releasing the book this month, and it’s available at Auntie’s, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

“It’s really snapshots of the couples’ portraits,” Hval said, although she includes some WWII history. “This is about their love stories, how they met, how the war impacted their relationship. World War II framed their stories.”

Hval said courtships during that era had a unique set of challenges. Wartime uncertainties led to many couples marrying quickly. Many children were born while husbands served overseas. Yet, these men and women built lifelong bonds and emerged from the war determined to work and raise families, she said. Full story.


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