War Bonds reader reviews via Amazon

Wonderful and inspiring stories of love! Caryssa Gilmore

I loved the way every story sounded fresh and new and was told with a sense of humor and joy. colossal

I just received my book 3 days ago, and couldn’t put it down! Candace Johnson

This is an incredible book that is a must read. Each love story stirs up powerful emotions. Each love story has lessons that have been learned and are now being passed on to future generations. Jenny Vandine

As one of the couples represented in Cindy Hval’s love stories, I can’t begin to thank her enough for the beautiful story of my beloved husband, who passed away before seeing the book. Cindy brought to life so many memories, both joyful and sad, for many of us who experienced World War ll. Bonnie Shaw

Read more reviews here.

I so appreciate these reader reviews. As a writer, there’s nothing more encouraging then hearing from readers! And when readers take the time to post their thoughts on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads it really helps to get the War Bonds word out to a wider audience.

Thank you so much!


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