Sweet and Sour Reviews and Beating Larry King

Well, you know it had to happen– the first totally negative review. While I’ve had some mixed reviews, by far most reviewers have loved War Bonds and written wonderful things.

However, on August 17, Frances Fuller posted this on Goodreads: “This book was so boring that I was unable to finish it.”

As bad reviews go it could have been a lot worse!

But I didn’t have to wait long for some kinder words. Here are the two most recent reviews from Amazon:

Love, love By S. Morgan on August 20, 2015 Love, love, love this book! Inspiring stories of faithfulness and commitment and love – started in difficult circumstances and continued with mutual respect over the decades.

LOVE this book! By Amazon Customer “Love romance novels”on August 23, 2015 I love the stories in this book. I also love the presentation of the book. There are pictures with every story. It is so neat to read their stories of love through the years. It’s just a wonderful book! The cover is really eye catching too!

And not that I’m at all competitive, but my husband and sons have been tracking my Amazon reviews and noted that the only book similar to War Bonds is Love Stories of World War ll by Larry King. Mr. King has 30 reviews. I have 29.

*Hint* *Hint*

Seriously, I do appreciate your reviews and your feedback, especially since today marks the one-year point of War Bonds. Exactly one year ago today, I typed the final words of the final manuscript.

What a wild ride! Thanks for joining me on the adventure.


5 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Reviews and Beating Larry King

  1. That review is very much about the reviewer and not about your book. I haven’t bought my copy yet, but I was hoping to catch you at a book signing and get a signed copy! Any more of those coming up?

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