War Bonds reviewed by the San Francisco Book Review

Woke up this morning to find this lovely review from the San Francisco Book Review!

World War II brought a lot of pain into the world, but, in the face of tragedy, long-lasting bonds of camaraderie, affection, and love were formed between men and women of the “greatest generation.” For example, Fenton Roskelley and Violet Shipman met in England in 1944, simply because she’d picked her name out of a hat and so was transferred to Cornwall. This tiny slip of paper changed the rest of their lives. Warren and Betty Schott met through mutual friends after she moved to Los Angeles. They survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and lengthy work-related separations during their marriage, but they have remained best friends for more than 75 years.

Cindy Hval recounts these, and thirty-four other, memorable stories in War Bonds – Love Stories From the Greatest Generation. Throughout this book, she clearly celebrates not only the personal sacrifices these couples made to serve their country, but also their devotion to one other, their deep-rooted friendship, and the profound respect that has kept their marriages strong for six to seven decades. This collection of memories serves to remind us that love can last a lifetime and preserves the optimistic recollections of men and women who lived during such a dark time in history, but persevered and built wonderfully happy lives together.

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Thank you Ruth and San Francisco Book Review.

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