Still Being Talked About

Hard to believe one year ago this month, I got my first box of advance review copies of War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation.

The book was released in February and it’s so thrilling to find people are still discovering it and talking about it!

Other authors have told me that once your book garners 50 reviews on Amazon the search algorithm works more in your favor. Of course, I’m not exactly sure what that means 🙂

However, if you’ve read War Bonds and not yet posted a review, and if you feel like doing so, please weigh in at Amazon or Goodreads.

For inspiration, I offer these latest reviews!

From Amazon:

on November 4, 2015
This is a great book. I love history, especially WW II history & I love good old fashioned love stories. This book gives you both.
on December 6, 2015
Wonderful short stories about married couples staying together under sometimes the worst of circumstances. I gave a copy to my 93 year old mother who was a nurse during WW2. She reads the stories randomly and told me she found them very heartwarming.
From Goodreads:
I knew one of the veterans who is in the book. I found a special reason for reading the book and learned more about his lovely wife Vi. This is a series of very short stories about a number of veterans and their spouses. The title is very intriguing to me and the concept of the book gave new meaning to my study of WWII.
This was a good read on Veteran’s Day. To read of love stories from WWII and how they lasted was inspiring.
Collection of short stories about couple who met and married during WWII. Follows an easy to read format, and provides update on their lives today as well



More War Bonds Reviews

From Amazon:

on August 26, 2015
I enjoyed this book very much. My parents were married in 1945 and their story is very much like some of these. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read stories about WWII.
on September 2, 2015
A solid 4-4.5 star rating for a collection of true historical romances (around WWII). There’s plenty of pictures (then and more recent) and a piece of marital advice from each couple. I would have liked to see more diverse couples, but, overall a feel-good read that is well-organized. Some very interesting historical tidbits too. I think the author’s next work should be about what happened to the little Italian girl.
Very interesting book about real romance, devoid of the drama and glamour one expects of fiction yet still heart warming and beautiful. I often enjoy reading fiction/nonfiction about the “Greatest Generation” because they were survivors and pioneers, they loved, they lost and they rose to the task during times of great tyranny. But this book had something more because each story was personal and these people felt very tangible to me. Made me relive story-telling from my Grandmother.
Loved this book – very similar to the one with Larry King, but I loved this more because it was all couples who were married during WWII and were still married sharing their story – at the end of each section, the couple had a little “love lesson” – or small piece of advice. Great read!
Many thanks to readers who take the time to post their thoughts and reviews!
I too, would love to know what happened to the little Italian girl featured in chapter 2, who  was “adopted” by Milt Stafford and his buddy during the war.