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Cindys Columns

You can stay current with my writing adventures on my blog Cindy’s All Write. I’m currently working on my next book, Tiaras & Testosterone. The book will be a collection of prose and columns featuring humorous, often poignant commentary about life, love and raising sons– not necessarily in that order.

Bob Cole, a regular reader of my newspaper column writes, “I enjoy your heart-felt, honest style of a mom, wife and human being embracing the ever-changing aspects of life.”  Be sure to click the columns tab to read a sample of them.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. My Dad was there. I am here. He met Mom in Australia after PH. He was on the NS Dobbin a destroyer tender, with 6 along side. The Dobbin ran power lines to the 4 who were “cold” so they could use their armament. They helped rescue people. He spoke very little of it because he said “That was his job.” I am 71 now and I understand what he suffered throughout his life. As a baby I was affected too so being a war survivor has its affects for a long time. The parents of my Niese classmates suffered two and told many stories of internment camp life. I knew several of the source people for the book “Snow Falling on Cedars” who were neighbours. Most were pretty philosophical saying they probably would have been lynched if they had remained on Bainbridge Island, where I grew up.

  2. Of course love the book (bonus knowing the Tuckers). Can’t wait for the next book — hoping it contains two of my favorite FRONT PORCH columns ( football for Moms & what/how your sons read ). Hugs, Patt

  3. I absolutely love this column Cindy. You really do have a prince charming in your life don’t you. So happy for you two and for all your boys. What a great article. He really is a knight in shining armor on his steed.

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