War Bonds

A Soldier’s Note From the Battle of the Bulge

Seventy years ago today, the Germans launched the last major offensive of  WWII. Known as the Battle of the Bulge, this battle lasted three weeks and resulted in a massive loss of American and civilian life.

Ray Stone was there. But his thoughts were on the wife he’d  left behind and the friends he was losing.Ray Stone 44 low res

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 34 of War Bonds, “Fireworks.”

In a V-Mail sent from Belgium during The Battle of the Bulge, Ray wrote: “I think about you always Betty. The feeling and the love I have for you have grown into something much deeper than small talk & sayings.”

The vagaries of fate haunted him. “I’m feeling plenty lucky,” he wrote, “because some of my former friends weren’t so lucky.”

Ray Stone died June 17, 2013



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