War Bonds

For Victory Buy War Bonds!

War Bonds WWll Poster

This is a great slogan, but probably not for my book:-)
I’m often asked about the book’s title.
When I first started writing it, I posted a Facebook message and asked folks to help me come up with a title. I got so many great suggestions, I’m going to doing it again with my next book!

David Townsend, communications director for the Coeur d’Alene Public Library suggested “War Bonds.” I added the subtitle and “War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation” was born.

War Bonds were sold to help finance WWll.  According to the National WWll Museum, “You could purchase a $25 War Bond for $18.75. The government would take that money to help pay for tanks, planes, ships, uniforms, weapons, medicine, food, and everything else the military needed to fight and win.”

For me “War Bonds” immediately brings to mind WWll, and I thought it a perfect metaphor for the bonds forged between couples during that time.

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