War Bonds

Letter from Maryland (Hooray for Libraries!)

Just received this wonderful note from Mary in Maryland.

Mrs. Hval,

I saw your book “War Bonds” on a display table at my local library in Cockeysville, Maryland and checked it out. I had recently read “War Brides” by Helen Byran, a historical fiction, so I was most interested in reading another aspect of marriage/relationships during WWll– this one true. I very much enjoyed your book.

You are so right to remind us about the “greatest generation” and all that they did for us. Thank you again for writing your book so we could learn about these special couples. I look forward to reading your next book.

I now enjoy reading your column in the “Spokesman Review”– life on the west coast is not much different from life on the east coast. I can relate.

Beyond thrilled that War Bonds is being read across the U.S. and hooray for all the libraries that place it on their shelves!

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