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Fundraiser for WWII vet who died destitute

This story from the Huckleberries Online newspaper blog broke my heart. That one of our heroes should die alone and destitute seems unthinkable. Bless the generous donor who paid for his fune

A brave combat veteran of the storied 10th Mountain Division who recently died destitute will be honored with a “Beer and Brats” fundraiser on November 2, 2014 at St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Post Falls. Jim Ayers, who served in the 10th Mountain Division during World War II as the United States Army fought its way across Italy, recently died destitute and without any surviving family members and his funeral costs were paid by a generous anonymous donor. St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church is holding a memorial “Beer and Brats” fundraiser to reimburse this donor for those costs/Jennifer Dancy, of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church, Post Falls. More here.

This fundraiser will be held on Sunday Nov. 2nd from 1-3 PM at St John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Post Falls located at 4718 E. Horsehaven Avenue. Visit http://www.stjohnorthodox.org/directions.html for directions.


3 thoughts on “Fundraiser for WWII vet who died destitute”

  1. I cannot believe the TV stations haven’t picked up on this yet! Cyndi, I heard if you media types show up, they will stuff your pie hole full of free beer and Brats!

  2. Although Jim died with no means & no physical family around he did not die alone but was surrounded by many of his brothers and sisters of St. John Orthodox Church (Post Falls). Jim was not only an heroic veteran of WWII but was a dear brother in our parish. We certainly do miss him! May his memory be eternal!

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