War Bonds

The photo that made me cry


Two little girls poring over War Bonds at the book launch on Sunday at Auntie’s Bookstore.

Jadyn’s (on the left) grandparents, Bill and Jay Warren are featured in the book. She and her best friend Elisa couldn’t wait to dive into the stories.10411286_10152695030512338_2758579272347860213_n[1]

I can’t tell you how important it is to me that these people and their stories are not forgotten. Seeing children discovering their grandparents in a new light is unbelievably moving and makes the five-year-journey from idea to publication seem so worthwhile.

1 thought on “The photo that made me cry”

  1. Nice story, Cindy, along with all your other greatest generation features. There were, probably, love letters from the war I was sent to, though way less sentimentality came out of it that I’M aware of. While it is good to have so many, lately, shake my hand when they see my Vietnam veteran cap, (as much, I suspect, for the awareness we still have troops at war, abroad), it is nothing like the raspberry we got, when we first returned, and up to ten years thereafter. It was insults and spitting, back then, and junior troops got blamed for our leaders having no formula for victory. We were advised not to wear our uniforms except to work, and to commute home.

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