War Bonds

A city that appreciates military service


All City Civic Military Luncheon

. The Spokane Lilac Festival has established a long-held tradition of celebrating local military personnel as well as law enforcement, firefighters and teachers at their annual All City Civic Military Luncheon.

It was such an privilege to be invited to be their guest speaker and to share about War Bonds at the event.


Like the members of the Greatest Generation, the men and women recognized today,  understand courage, committment and sacrifice. What better way to honor  Greatest Generation than to continue to build on the foundation they laid for us?

So proud that Spokane continues to be a city where military service is recognized and applauded.


1 thought on “A city that appreciates military service”

  1. Hi Cindy, I’m delighted that the city honored you for your work on behalf of WWII veterans. I apologize that I did not buy one of your War Bonds books, even though I saw them selling at Barnes and Noble, but, at age 71, I find I have a harder time reading anything as long as a book, anymore. Also, I’m sorry I must concede that a book, on wartime romances, does not pull me much, because MY wartime experience was so much different. While many wartime romances DID arise, during the Vietnam war, OUR wartime experience was under the shadow of enormous public disapproval, and blame, such that most of the sentimentality got sucked out of it, much less anything like the romantic culture that got associated with the Greatest Generation’s war. For 10 years, following my return home, we were advised to change into our uniforms after coming to work, and out of them, before going home. It was only the construction of the Vietnam War Memorial, that, finally, won us sympathetic approval, at long last.

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