War Bonds

Library Friends are the Best!

I don’t know any authors who are not passionate about public libraries– and I know a lot of authors!

I’ve had a library card since I was six years old. No, I’m not going to tell you how long ago that was.

When the opportunity came to serve on the newly formed Friends of the Spokane County Library District board, I jumped at the chance. For two years I’ve worked alongside some wonderful community volunteers, library lovers and fabulous library admin staff.

We drafted a mission statement: Inspiring passionate lifelong learners to invest in their community libraries, hosted two After Hours at the Library events and raised lots of $$ to supplement library programming. Here’s a few of last year’s highlights.

  • Sponsored NaNoWriMo Readiness Conference
  • Provided funds for Mica Peak High School Great Stories Book Club
  • Provided funds for small business owners/employer workshop series
  • Provided funds for Thinking Money Exhibit and related programming
  • Provided funds for Spokane Is Reading

But after two years on the board it’s time for me to move on to a new volunteer project I’m equally passionate about (more on that in another blog).

Perhaps it’s time for one of you to step up and serve? Check out the website. Become a friend. And contact Spokane County Library District at 509.893.8233 to see if serving on the board would be a fit for you.

I may be off the board for now, but I remain passionately committed to supporting our public libraries and the programming they provide.

Here are some photos of our most recent After Hours event. Long live our libraries!


War Bonds

Spokane Authors and Self Publishers

Happy to be speaking at the meeting of Spokane Authors and Self Publishers tomorrow, July 7 at 2:30 at The Golden Corral, 7117 N Division St.

I wrote about the group several years ago in a feature for the Spokesman Review. Who knew someday I’d be returning as an author?

Copies of War Bonds: Love Stories from the Greatest Generation will be available for purchase.

Guests are welcome, so I home to see many local writers tomorrow afternoon!

War Bonds

Rotary embraces War Bonds

War Bonds at Rotary

I had the privilege of speaking to Spokane Rotary Club 21 on Thursday. Several folks from the Greatest Generation are members of this Rotary club and were among the more than 100 members present.

Rotary has long appreciated and honored the U.S. Armed Forces, so this was a perfect venue to share the stories of love, devotion and courage featured in War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation.

Auntie’s Bookstore was on hand to sell copies of War Bonds after the luncheon and sold all 30 copies they had in stock!

While signing books, I was tickled to find that many of the purchasers were husbands buying copies for their wives. The husbands of Rotary excel at romance 😉

Such an honor to present to a group that gives back to our community and to the world in myriad ways.


War Bonds

Three exclamation points and a hug!!!

War Bonds at the Lions Club

I had a wonderful War Bonds reading/signing event at the Central Lions Club in Spokane on Tuesday.

This group gives back to our community in myriad ways, so it was great to have an opportunity to speak at their weekly meeting.

Afterward during the book signing a lovely lady asked me to sign a copy to Bob Baker, a WWll vet. I gladly did and added, “Thank you for your service.”

Then she asked, “Do you give hugs?”

Well of course I do. Especially when someone has just bought my book 😉
I gave her a warm hug and turned to greet the next person in line. A few minutes later, I noticed the lady had returned with her copy. She waited patiently and when it was her turn she had another favor to ask.
“Could you add ‘Happy 90th Birthday,’ underneath your signature she asked.

Happy to oblige, I asked, “Who is Bob Baker?”

“He’s my boyfriend,” she replied, with a shy smile.

I wrote, Happy 90th Birthday!

She seemed pleased, but had one more request.

“Could you add two more exclamation points?”

I did so and teased, “Please don’t tell any of my journalist friends I did that!”

So there you have it– a three-exclamation-points-and-a-hug book signing. Lions may just be my new favorite civic group!

War Bonds at the Central Lions Club, Spokane




War Bonds

Favorite Moments

I just finished a series of author events for the Spokane County Library District.

“Bonds of Love and Remembrance” paired stories from War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation with music of the era from Hot Club of Spokane.

We had such a great time at each of the four libraries we visited.

At every event a reader will tell me about their parents or grandparents, or about a family member who served in WWll. The stories are heartwarming and it’s a wonderful thing to trigger happy memories.

My two favorite moments from these events also came from attendees.

A lady at Moran Prairie came up to have her book signed and ask how Milo and Thor are doing. Those aren’t my kids– those are my cats! She said she enjoys reading about their adventures in my column in the Spokesman Review.

And a toddler tapped my knee at Spokane Valley Library, and said, “Thank you for WEEDING (reading)!”

Is it any wonder why I love libraries so much?



War Bonds

Sharing Hearts AND War Bonds: The Results

I was delighted to receive this newspaper clipping in the mail. The Davenport Times and the Wilbur Register, reported on an event I recently spoke at.

The Sharing Hearts Luncheon netted $22,000 for the Lincoln Hospital Foundation. The funds will be used to purchase extra long beds for acute care and transitional care patient rooms.

The generous attendees also scooped up every copy of War Bonds I brought– 46 in all.

What a wonderful thing to be part of such a worthwhile event.

Sharing Hearts Luncheon

War Bonds

Sharing Hearts– and War Bonds!

War Bonds Sharing HeartsI had a wonderful time in Davenport, Washington, where I was the guest speaker for The Lincoln Hospital Foundation’s annual Sharing Hearts Luncheon.

The organizer had adorned the stage with  her father-in-law’s WWll uniform and her mother’s wedding dress.

War Bonds Sharing Hearts Book Table

They had this beautiful book table set up for me and I ended up selling every copy of War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Genereration, I had!

War Bonds Sharing Hearts 2

The people of Lincoln County are gracious and generous. It was a delight to be a part of their yearly fundraising campaign.

War Bonds

A city that appreciates military service


All City Civic Military Luncheon

. The Spokane Lilac Festival has established a long-held tradition of celebrating local military personnel as well as law enforcement, firefighters and teachers at their annual All City Civic Military Luncheon.

It was such an privilege to be invited to be their guest speaker and to share about War Bonds at the event.


Like the members of the Greatest Generation, the men and women recognized today,  understand courage, committment and sacrifice. What better way to honor  Greatest Generation than to continue to build on the foundation they laid for us?

So proud that Spokane continues to be a city where military service is recognized and applauded.