War Bonds

Authors, libraries and books– what a great combination!

I’m delighted to be partnering with Spokane Public Libraries this summer for a trio of War Bonds events.

Auntie’s Bookstore will be on hand to sell copies.

Really looking forward to this opportunity to engage with readers!

Here’s a snippet from the Library’s newsletter:

Peggy and Harold Smart celebrate two anniversaries– the day they married and The Fourth of July. They met in high school and though Harold was an older man, he thought he’d have a chance with the beautiful Peggy. “I am 39 days her senior,” he confided.

—Cindy Hval, from her book, War Bonds: Love Stories from the Greatest Generation, Chapter 22, “Peg O’ My Heart”

Cindy Hval – War Bonds
July 18, 4 pm at Shadle
July 28, 6 pm at South Hill

August 7, 5 PM at Downtown

More information here.

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