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Of Cats and Chicken Soup


Getting a box of books with your stories in it never gets old.

“Chicken Soup for the Soul My Very Good, Very Bad Cat,”  is the 8th volume in the series to feature my work and the thrill of seeing my words in print in this popular series is still exciting.

This one hits bookstores across the nation on February 9 and includes my stories, “Another Baby Boy” and “Fat Cat.” One story per cat 🙂

When novice writers ask me how to get published I always tell them Chicken Soup is a great place to start honing your nonfiction skills. The principles of writing are the same whether you’re writing your memoir or laboring on the Great American Novel. You need to be able to tell an engaging story.

The submission process is simple and all online.  They are constantly adding titles and sending new story call outs. Authors are paid $200 for each story, retain the rights to their work and receive 10 free books. You can also purchase more books at a discounted rate.

So while you’re slaving away on your manuscript, sending out agent queries or entering writing contests visit Chicken Soup for the Soul and submit a story.

After all, Chicken Soup can cure just about anything– even writer’s block.



4 thoughts on “Of Cats and Chicken Soup”

  1. I have a couple friends from my old writers’ group who have been published in Chicken Soup compilations. It’s fun to show my kids at the store, “look, there is Miss Jeanie’s name in print.”
    Congrats on your success!
    They did a call-out for military family stories and I submitted a couple pieces, but that project seems to have dropped off the radar. (Or I didn’t get selected, since I understand they don’t contact you unless they’re going to use your piece.)
    Fingers crossed, here’s hoping.

  2. Yep You’re right they only contact you if your story has been accepted and even then, it usually goes through two rounds of acceptance. Keep checking the website! Maybe you’ll find a home for your story in a different title. Best of luck!

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