War Bonds

How long do you want to see your books on the shelf?

War Bonds at Barnes and Noble Northtown

The question took me off guard.

I was chatting with a fellow author whose second book had recently come out and mentioned that I was still doing a lot of readings.

I’ve just begun work on my second book and was wondering how long I should plan on continuing War Bonds events and promotions.

“How long do you want to see your book on the shelves?” she asked.

What a great point! When War Bonds came out last year I was swamped with invitations to do readings and signings. I often did two or three events a week. It’s fantastic to have that much interest in your debut book.

Now, that the invitations have slowed to a more manageable once or twice a month, it feels like a treat to get to talk about my book and to sign copies.

I’m going to keep her question in mind as I continue the lonesome labor on book number two. As long as I receive invitations to speak, I’m going to keep saying yes.

I never want to see a blank spot on bookshelves were War Bonds used to be!