War Bonds

It Never Gets Easier

It never gets easier.
The notes from friends. From family. From readers.

“Dear Cindy, We just wanted you to know….”

And I learn another beloved person featured in War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation has died.

Recently, two lovely War Bonds brides passed away within a month of each other.

Christine Jasley died on September 16th. She was anxious to be reunited with her husband, John, who died in October of last year.


Christine and John Jasley, 1944

Their story is told in Chapter 4 “Have a Little Faith.” A friend wrote, “Their marriage was truly a blueprint for all of us to follow.”

Then last week I learned of the death of Helen Loer.


Helen Miller Loer

On Saturday I will be at her Memorial Service and will read Chapter 7 “From Sailor to Preacher.” Her husband James, that sailor/preacher will be sitting in the front row, and my heart aches for him. The Loers had been married 68 years.

Our world is diminished with each loss, but I’m so very thankful that their stories remain.


War Bonds

Catching up with a sailor who became a preacher

War Bonds Loers

I had a wonderful time catching up with James and Helen Loer, today.

Their story is featured in Chapter 7, “From Sailor to Preacher.” I hadn’t seen the Loers since I interviewed them for the book, four years ago. I’m happy to report they are still married, though James assured me during the interview, “I can tell you right now this isn’t going to be romantic!”

 The Loers celebrated 67th anniversary in January.