War Bonds

War Bonds and Saying Goodbye


Have to admit this photo brought tears. This is Nathalie Mitchell’s  son, Ed reading from his parents’ story (Chapter 21) at Nathalie’s burial service yesterday.

The picture taken by her daughter-in-law Cindy Mitchell, shows the bittersweet reality of what happens when you tell the stories of the Greatest Generation– sooner or later you will have to say goodbye.

How fitting that the Mitchells’ story is titled Happy Trails.



War Bonds

Nathalie’s final journey

They met at a Greyhound bus station and ended up traveling through 70 years of life together, but on February 12, Nathalie took her last journey without Fred.

Today she was laid to rest at the Washington Veteran’s Cemetery in Medical Lake. While Sentimental Journey softly played, their son Ed read War Bonds Chapter 21 “Happy Trails,” which offers a brief snapshot of their life together.

The Mitchell’s moved 15 times during Fred’s 21-year military career and Nathalie loved the adventure of it. And post-retirement they still hit the road every summer.

 “No planning, we just go,” said Fred. “We love seeing new places.”

I’m so glad I was able to see Nathalie one last time at a War Bonds event in September. She was a spunky lady who said the secret to their long marriage was, “He gives me what I want and lets me go where I want!”

Fred added, “And of course, I don’t argue!” He grinned and continued, “She’s a good cook and took great care of the kids.”

Nathalie cleared her throat. “And what about you?”

He grinned. “And me, too!”

War Bonds cindy mitchells

War Bonds

70 years and still in love

War Bonds cindy mitchells

Kerri Thoreson, photo

I had the delight of catching up with Fred and Nathalie Mitchell in Post Falls, Idaho, yesterday. Their story “Happy Trails” is featured in chapter 21 of War Bonds.

The group at the reading got a kick out of Nathalie’s Love Lesson: “I get the last word and that’s that!”

That arrangement has worked well for them. They will celebrate their 70th anniversary in November!