War Bonds

Sneak Peek at War Bonds


Kindle readers are already devouring War Bonds (e-reader versions released 2/10!) And now, Open Road Media, the marketing company promoting the digital sales of War Bonds, has released a sneak peek of the book!

Click the title below to read the full chapter.

A Seat Next to You

A sophisticated Long Island gal met a boy from Detroit, in Indiana of all places, and launched a relationship that spanned seven decades — all thanks to a small slip of paper, drawn from a basket



5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at War Bonds”

  1. I knew Walter and Laura for 60 years! It was through their ministry that I came to know the Lord. They always considered me their “adopted” daughter. I can never thank God enough for allowing me to have grown up under their influence. My life has been richly blessed by knowing them.

    1. Sorry to say I will not be able to attend. I’ll be in Beaverton on Saturday attending the memorial service for Mrs. Stewart’s sister. Can’t wait to read your book!

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