War Bonds

Sneak Peek at War Bonds


Kindle readers are already devouring War Bonds (e-reader versions released 2/10!) And now, Open Road Media, the marketing company promoting the digital sales of War Bonds, has released a sneak peek of the book!

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A Seat Next to You

A sophisticated Long Island gal met a boy from Detroit, in Indiana of all places, and launched a relationship that spanned seven decades — all thanks to a small slip of paper, drawn from a basket



War Bonds

Together again for Christmas

Christmas without Walter, low res

So, sad to learn this War Bonds bride passed away earlier this month.
Laura and Walter Stewart’s story is featured in Chapter 13 of War Bonds, “A Seat Next to You.”
This picture was taken Christmas 1943. Walter was in the Navy and stationed in Hawaii.
Walter passed away last year and Laura hated to spend Christmas without him. I’m glad she won’t have to this year.
“I knew in my heart that the love we had for one another was something you don’t find in many marriages.” Laura Stewart