War Bonds

Three exclamation points and a hug!!!

War Bonds at the Lions Club

I had a wonderful War Bonds reading/signing event at the Central Lions Club in Spokane on Tuesday.

This group gives back to our community in myriad ways, so it was great to have an opportunity to speak at their weekly meeting.

Afterward during the book signing a lovely lady asked me to sign a copy to Bob Baker, a WWll vet. I gladly did and added, “Thank you for your service.”

Then she asked, “Do you give hugs?”

Well of course I do. Especially when someone has just bought my book 😉
I gave her a warm hug and turned to greet the next person in line. A few minutes later, I noticed the lady had returned with her copy. She waited patiently and when it was her turn she had another favor to ask.
“Could you add ‘Happy 90th Birthday,’ underneath your signature she asked.

Happy to oblige, I asked, “Who is Bob Baker?”

“He’s my boyfriend,” she replied, with a shy smile.

I wrote, Happy 90th Birthday!

She seemed pleased, but had one more request.

“Could you add two more exclamation points?”

I did so and teased, “Please don’t tell any of my journalist friends I did that!”

So there you have it– a three-exclamation-points-and-a-hug book signing. Lions may just be my new favorite civic group!

War Bonds at the Central Lions Club, Spokane




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