War Bonds

No extra charge for tear-stained copy

War Bonds at South Hill Hastings

It was pretty quiet at the South Hill Hastings store at Friday’s signing event. But then a woman my age stopped to get a book signed. She called her mom over and her mom said she and her husband celebrated their 47th anniversary yesterday .
“He had a stroke seven years ago,” she said. ” I cared for him at home as long as I could, but he finally had to go to a nursing home. So, last night I broiled a steak and made a shrimp salad and took it to his room. We had the most wonderful celebration!”
And then her eyes filled with tears.
And so did mine.
PS: They don’t charge extra for copies dampened with the author’s tears

War Bonds

On being a bestseller

War Bonds CdA Hastings

The old real estate adage, “location, location, location,” came to mind Saturday when my book signing table was placed next to the Bestsellers table.

It was my first signing at a Hastings store. I have several more scheduled and I hope the other stores place me this close to the Bestsellers. It’s fun to dream about War Bonds showing up on that table!