War Bonds


Tom Burnett at Harmond Field




Been thinking about my dad a lot lately.
March is his birth month and death month.
Here he is at Harmon Field in Newfoundland during the waning days of WWll.
He would have loved all the War Bonds hoopla and been at every signing and event. Because of my dad’s military career, I feel completely at ease interviewing veterans– especially WWll vets.
What kind of man was my dad?
He was so warm and kind that the man he shared a room with during his last hospitalization came to his funeral in a wheelchair having just been released from the hospital that day.
He knew my dad for three days and already loved him.

Wasn’t I blessed to have had a dad like that?

War Bonds

More War Bonds at Auntie’s


After selling out on Sunday, Auntie’s Bookstore recieved a new shipment of War Bonds, today!

I’ll be in the store Thursday, March 5 from 4 PM – 5 PM to sign copies. Come in and say “hi” and watch me get writer’s cramp 🙂 More importantly, get your signed copy of War Bonds while it’s hot!

Make sure to check my EVENTS page to find out where I’ll be next.

War Bonds

Idaho, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut, oh my!

What fun to hear from readers across the United States as copies of War Bonds arrive!

11001726_10203518846031682_9073187678075970162_n[1]Jeri in Illinois.

10989956_10205255922333008_5526708086970131987_n[1]Cis in Idaho

IMG_20150222_151959~2Dean and Betty Ratzman, feaured in chapter 18 “Letters From Home.”

I love receiving photos of folks (or their pets!) with the book.  You can email your pictures to dchval@juno.com, I’d love to hear from you!

In addition, please consider posting your reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads. In today’s competitive book market positive reviews on the sites above really helps to spread the news!


War Bonds

The photo that made me cry


Two little girls poring over War Bonds at the book launch on Sunday at Auntie’s Bookstore.

Jadyn’s (on the left) grandparents, Bill and Jay Warren are featured in the book. She and her best friend Elisa couldn’t wait to dive into the stories.10411286_10152695030512338_2758579272347860213_n[1]

I can’t tell you how important it is to me that these people and their stories are not forgotten. Seeing children discovering their grandparents in a new light is unbelievably moving and makes the five-year-journey from idea to publication seem so worthwhile.

War Bonds

Amazing turnout for War Bonds book launch

1798867_10203559455453968_7245892183934310853_n[1]So humbled and amazed by the incredible turnout at Auntie’s Bookstore yesterday! The whole event went by in such a blur– kind of like your wedding day, where you know you said some stuff and other people said some stuff and something important happened, but the details are a bit fuzzy!
My heartfelt thanks to all who attended. I wish I could thank each of you personally!
I would love it if readers would send me photos of themselves with War Bonds. You can email them to me at dchval@juno.com

Keep an eye on the Events page, so you’ll know when I’ll be in your area,
Thanks again for embracing this book and the stories of the Greatest Generation.


War Bonds

That moment when it all becomes real

Writing War Bonds has been a five-year journey with many highs and lows.
The thrill of getting signed with a great agency. The disappointment of realizing your agent’s a dud.

The tremendous excitement of receiving a contract with a great publisher. The sinking realization that you still have a whole lot of work to do on your manuscript and only a few months to get it done.

The joy of receiving the first round of advance review copies. The dread of finding that yep, there’s more words to be written and a just few weeks to write them.

The amazing experience of opening that first box of final copies and resisting the tempation to dump them on your bed and wallow in them. (Not good for the covers. Plus paper cuts.)

Then the dawning knowledge that you have to market the book, talk about the book, have your picture taken for the book, hound people to talk about the book. Daunting for an introvert for sure.

But then comes the moment when it suddenly all becomes real.  A friend posts a photo of your books on display at a local bookstore and it hits you– people are going to buy your book and read it!

The stories you felt so worth telling are going to be read. The people you wrote about won’t be forgotten.

And you laugh and maybe cry, but mostly you stare the photo of the stacks of books and breathe a prayer of gratitude.


War Bonds

There’s a reason War Bonds is dedicated to him

There’s a reason War Bonds is dedicated to my husband of 28 years.

Today he gave me quite possibly the most epic, amazing and thoughtful Valentine’s gift, ever.
Derek asked our friend Dave Galeotti to craft this beautiful Bethlehem Olive Wood pen. Then he had it engraved with “War Bonds” and the release date.

The band reads “faith, hope, love.”
He had the box engraved, matching the font and photo from the book cover.


I am truly blessed.

War Bonds

Sneak Peek at War Bonds


Kindle readers are already devouring War Bonds (e-reader versions released 2/10!) And now, Open Road Media, the marketing company promoting the digital sales of War Bonds, has released a sneak peek of the book!

Click the title below to read the full chapter.

A Seat Next to You

A sophisticated Long Island gal met a boy from Detroit, in Indiana of all places, and launched a relationship that spanned seven decades — all thanks to a small slip of paper, drawn from a basket



War Bonds

The books are here!

Yesterday was a brutally long and busy day. But when I finally dragged myself through my front door– look what was waiting for me! 10994337_846085385430090_4486539032574964268_n[1]

The books look fanatastic! I’m so pleased with the design. The folks at Casemate Publishers have done a great job with War Bonds.

From a vague idea five years ago, to a printed, hardcover, fully illustrated book today– it’s been a wild ride.