‘My brother was there….’

A year after the publication of War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation, the book signings and speaking events start to blur together.

I’ve met so many wonderful people– many of them WWll veterans, who share their memories of their time of service.

But at this week’s event something amazing happened. At every reading I share from Chapter One: Band of Gold. It’s the story of Jerry and Nancy Gleesing.

When they were expecting their first child, Jerry, who served with the 15th Air Force, 459th Bomb Group, was shot down and had to bail out over Hungary. He was quickly captured and spent 3 months as a prisoner of war in Mooseburg, Germany.

It’s a moving story that often prompts tears– including my own. As I read, I noticed an older gentleman take of his glasses and wipe tears as they streamed down his face.

He waited in line to by a book. “My brother was there,” he said. “At the POW camp in Mooseburg. He was on that plane.”

Unbelievable! He looked at the picture below, to see if he could pick out his brother, but his eyesight if failing. He had me sign the book for his 90-year-old brother, who’s still alive and resides in California.
I only wish Jerry Gleesing was still here, so I could tell him I found one of his crew.



Still Being Talked About

Hard to believe one year ago this month, I got my first box of advance review copies of War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation.

The book was released in February and it’s so thrilling to find people are still discovering it and talking about it!

Other authors have told me that once your book garners 50 reviews on Amazon the search algorithm works more in your favor. Of course, I’m not exactly sure what that means 🙂

However, if you’ve read War Bonds and not yet posted a review, and if you feel like doing so, please weigh in at Amazon or Goodreads.

For inspiration, I offer these latest reviews!

From Amazon:

on November 4, 2015
This is a great book. I love history, especially WW II history & I love good old fashioned love stories. This book gives you both.
on December 6, 2015
Wonderful short stories about married couples staying together under sometimes the worst of circumstances. I gave a copy to my 93 year old mother who was a nurse during WW2. She reads the stories randomly and told me she found them very heartwarming.
From Goodreads:
I knew one of the veterans who is in the book. I found a special reason for reading the book and learned more about his lovely wife Vi. This is a series of very short stories about a number of veterans and their spouses. The title is very intriguing to me and the concept of the book gave new meaning to my study of WWII.
This was a good read on Veteran’s Day. To read of love stories from WWII and how they lasted was inspiring.
Collection of short stories about couple who met and married during WWII. Follows an easy to read format, and provides update on their lives today as well


War not a word to be take lightly… especially today

Today is Veteran’s Day. Tomorrow’s Front Porch column is already available online at the Spokesman Review, so I thought I would share it here as well.

I am heartily sick of the so-called “war on Christmas.”  Read below to find out why.

Words matter to me.

I make my living crafting them. Whether writing a column, a news story or a book, I spend my days weighing and measuring them – searching for the best turn of phrase to communicate a thought, an idea or a fact.

Sometimes I play with them. Juggling them, nudging them to create content that elicits a reaction, a smile or a tear.

Even when handled lightly, I understand their power on a printed page. And while not all words are meant to be taken literally, I think some should be.

War is one of them.

Yesterday was Veterans Day – a day we as country set aside to honor the men and women who have served or continue to serve in our armed forces.

I’ve lost count of the veterans I’ve interviewed over the years, but their faces and their stories are seared into my soul – especially the stories of combat veterans, those who faced loss of life and limb during their time of service.

I’ve lost count of the veterans I’ve interviewed over the years, but their faces and their stories are seared into my soul – especially the stories of combat veterans, those who faced loss of life and limb during their time of service.

So just to be clear, here’s Webster’s definition of war: A state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations or a period of such armed conflict.

Other definitions may have made their way into our reference books and cultural consciousness, but the original meaning of war is armed conflict.

The kind of conflict Wes Hixon faced in 2008 in Iraq when the Stryker vehicle he was riding in hit an IED. “Four people were killed outright,” he said. “The rest were injured. Me and another soldier were paralyzed. Most of them were pretty good friends of mine.”

I interviewed Hixon, then 24, in 2009 as he sat in a wheelchair. He knows what war is.

Read full column here.

War Bonds and the Mitsons on Spokane Talks Online


Charlie and Mable Mitson and I were featured on the program Let’s Talk Spokane produced by Spokane Talks Online, today.

The Mitsons’ story is told in chapter 31 of War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation. They celebrated their 73rd anniversary in July.

The video of this adorable couple will be posted on YouTube soon, and I’ll share that link when it’s available. The Mitsons are both 91 and witty, sharp and beautiful.

Such a privilege to share their story.
Here’s a link to the podcast. You can download it or listen online.

Mitson wedding photo low res

Sharing Hearts AND War Bonds: The Results

I was delighted to receive this newspaper clipping in the mail. The Davenport Times and the Wilbur Register, reported on an event I recently spoke at.

The Sharing Hearts Luncheon netted $22,000 for the Lincoln Hospital Foundation. The funds will be used to purchase extra long beds for acute care and transitional care patient rooms.

The generous attendees also scooped up every copy of War Bonds I brought– 46 in all.

What a wonderful thing to be part of such a worthwhile event.

Sharing Hearts Luncheon

The River Journal Reviews War Bonds

This month’s issue of The River Journal, features a swell review of War Bonds!

Cindy Hval, Spokane columnist for the Spokesman-Review and back-up “captain” for the Huckleberries Online blog, has released her first book, “War Bonds: Love Stories of the Greatest Generation.”

World War II shaped a generation in numerous ways, but perhaps none so poignant as are revealed in this series of 36 stories of how love can be birthed and endure for a lifetime in the midst of a world-wide cataclysm.

Sometimes you’ll laugh, often you’ll smile, and a few of these stories you’ll read through tears, as Cindy introduces you to these couples whose love has lasted their lifetimes. You’ll meet young mothers who don’t know if their husband is still alive, high school sweethearts, young men whose love endured even while held as a Prisoner of War.

Originally written as a series of regular columns in the Spokesman-Review, Cindy says, “I fell in love with writing them and thousands of readers fell in love with reading them.” She describes these stories as “… born out of the hardship, separation and deprivation of WWII,” and reminds us that a half century from now, it may well be difficult to find marriages like these that “have endured 60 to 70 years.”

Pick up your copy at local bookstores or online. ~Trish Gannon

More War Bonds Reviews

From Amazon:

on August 26, 2015
I enjoyed this book very much. My parents were married in 1945 and their story is very much like some of these. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read stories about WWII.
on September 2, 2015
A solid 4-4.5 star rating for a collection of true historical romances (around WWII). There’s plenty of pictures (then and more recent) and a piece of marital advice from each couple. I would have liked to see more diverse couples, but, overall a feel-good read that is well-organized. Some very interesting historical tidbits too. I think the author’s next work should be about what happened to the little Italian girl.
Very interesting book about real romance, devoid of the drama and glamour one expects of fiction yet still heart warming and beautiful. I often enjoy reading fiction/nonfiction about the “Greatest Generation” because they were survivors and pioneers, they loved, they lost and they rose to the task during times of great tyranny. But this book had something more because each story was personal and these people felt very tangible to me. Made me relive story-telling from my Grandmother.
Loved this book – very similar to the one with Larry King, but I loved this more because it was all couples who were married during WWII and were still married sharing their story – at the end of each section, the couple had a little “love lesson” – or small piece of advice. Great read!
Many thanks to readers who take the time to post their thoughts and reviews!
I too, would love to know what happened to the little Italian girl featured in chapter 2, who  was “adopted” by Milt Stafford and his buddy during the war.

War Bonds at Spokane Veterans Forum


Cindy Hval with Myrt and Walt Powers and Harold and Shirley Tucker.

Last night, two couples featured in War Bonds Love Stories From the Greatest Generation were guests at Spokane Veterans Forum.

The Veterans Forum is a group of veterans and Gold Star Mothers who serve as mentors to men and women coming through the Spokane Veterans Court.

The Spokane Veterans Forum (SVF) provides training support, fellowship,
camaraderie and help to veterans from  any Veterans Enhanced
Therapeutic (VET) Court.

Organizers showed the Northwest Profiles video featuring the two couples and then I facilitated a discussion about relationships during and after military service.

The veterans and their mentors proved to be a warm and responsive crowd and gave the Powers and the Tuckers a standing ovation at the conclusion of our discussion.

How wonderful to see these members of the Greatest Generation honored, respected and valued for the wisdom they have to offer us.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Google

I admit it. I Googled myself. Don’t tell me you haven’t!  But what I found today, delighted me! Two reviews that I’d never seen.

The first was this lovely mention of War Bonds from a blog called Doodles and Words.


“War Bonds– Love Stories of the Greatest Generation by Cindy Hval is a collection of beautiful and loving memories of couples who met during World War II. She recounts how these men and women met and stayed together for decades despite many obstacles. Who doesn’t love a good story? Well, what about 36 of them?

“Everything’s built on friendship. He’s been my best friend for 77 years.” – Betty Schott”

And the second came from Pearl Harbor!
Pearl Harbor Survivor Couple – Betty and Warren Schott

“We first heard about the Pearl Harbor Survivor Couple, Betty and Warren Schott, in an article in the Spokesman-Review by Cindy Hval. This remarkable couple was living on Ford Island when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

They heard an explosion and Warren quickly recognized that Pearl Harbor was under attack from an enemy. Many others on Oahu at the time thought that it was a drill, but Warren saw the rising sun on the wing of a Japanese plane flying overhead.

Warren Schott watched as the USS Utah was torpedoed. He then took his wife and another family living below them to safety. Warren did not seek safety himself, instead he returned to Battleship Row to help victims of the attack.

“I took one of the boats and picked up our fellows who were in the water,” he recalled. The men he pulled out were covered in oil.

Betty Schott did not sit idly by herself.

“They put us to work immediately, Betty said. “We unloaded guns and filled fire extinguishers.”

This Pearl Harbor Survival Couple was married for 76 years before Warren Schott passed away in May 2014. Betty lived another year and passed away on July 5, 2015.

We appreciate the excellent story from Cindy Hval about this fascinating couple and the impression they left on her. You can read Ms. Hval’s stories about the Schotts here and here or in her book below. We salute you Cindy Hval for your story and we salute the Schotts for their service to our country.

For more stories about love during wartime, read Hval’s highly rated book: War Bonds.”

Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to Google yourself– you might find nice surprises like these:-)

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Fall Trade Show


I had a wonderful time at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Fall Trade Show in Portland, Oregon this weekend. My publisher invited me to join their Northwest sales rep and sign copies of War Bonds.

I met many wonderful booksellers from across the area and got to see my friends from Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane and from The Well Read Moose in Coeur d’ Alene.

The show was packed with vendors, representatives from all sizes of publishing houses, authors and most importantly– independent booksellers.

These are the folks that get our books into the readers’ hands, so it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to personally introduce them to War Bonds.

Seeing booksellers’ eyes light up when I explain the premise of the book and show them the fabulous photos within it was great fun, and Portland is a fabulous city to visit.